Become a member of the Tacoma Dragon Boat Association!

Drop by one of our practices. Your first three paddles are FREE!

Membership dues are just $100 per year.

Membership benefits:

  • Unlimited practices with experienced coaches.
  • Participate in regional and national races, with no race entry fee assessed to team members.
  • Pfds and paddles provided.
  • Full members receive hotel reimbursement up to the amount of dues paid for the year when a hotel is required to race in an out-of-town venue.
  • Fun and friendship!

To join our team complete these forms:

Email the forms to or bring to practice.


As a member, you can participate in our ongoing practices, races, special events and outings, and get together for fun, excitement and adventures. We go on trips, events and races around the Pacific Northwest, up and down the West Coast, and even in other countries. The amount of time you spend is up to you.

Dragon Boat racing is the fastest growing team sport in the world, with over 50 million paddlers and growing. There is plenty to do — from preparing the boats, to getting the crews safely in and out of the boats, to actually paddling in a race, or helping out at the start and finish lines. Racing is where the paddles really hit the water. Paddles up!