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Wounded Warriors and Disabled Vets are invited to be a part of the Dragon boating experience here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Tacoma Dragon Boat Association will provide the gear, boat, experienced coaching, and a team effort that would make the experience one that would spark interest and ongoing participation in a dedicated “Warrior” team.

“I see 2019 as the year in which we establish the team, with a goal of participating in a single local one day event. The invitation to participate will be to any vet who suffers any kind of impairment as a result of their service.”
~ Lesley, Washington Masters Coach

This idea was brought to the Washington Masters (WAM) coach by a fellow veteran and dragon boater. He was inspired by a club from the UK; Purple Warriors Dragon Boat. We think you’ll be amazed by the following link:

There are several of us who are trying to get this initiative off the ground and are dedicated to this effort.

“The sport of Dragon Boating is the closest one will find to the camaraderie and goal oriented team work that people have while serving in the military. The fellowship and the interest in the welfare of each other is truly remarkable and I feel like I have found my tribe again in the Dragon Boat.”

~ Theresa, MSG US Army Retired

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For more information contact:

Theresa Pharms, MSG US Army Retired
(206) 612-1398