Tacoma Dragon Boat Association is a 501c3

TDBA (Tacoma Dragon Boat Association) is a year round paddling club. Our members paddle for recreation or competition.

TDBA PanAM Club Crew
TDBA members who paddled at the PanAM Club Crew Championship, March 2023 on the WA Masters Team

TDBA members range in age from 18 to over 80, and come from a wide range of professions. TDBA is the home of the Destiny Dragons, named for the moniker by which Tacoma, Washington has been known for over 80 years: the City of Destiny.

We get to know each other well during practices and races and enjoy time together away from home. In Tacoma, we get together for social events, too.

Celebrating birthday’s at Johnny’s Dock after practice.

We enjoy teaching the greater Tacoma community about the great sport of dragon boating! To reach out, we attend some community events, such as the Tacoma Moon Festival. In 2016, we paddled to the Tacoma Moon Festival at Chinese Reconciliation Park and took festival goers on the water to paddle a dragon boat – very fun!

Hear more about the Tacoma Dragon Boat Association as three members (Mike, Jackie and Peggy) talk about this beautiful sport on CityLine (April 14, 2016 episode).